6/11: Plant Healing Ceremony

6:45 - 9:00pm The plant healing ceremony is a cleansing ceremony that is traditionally performed in South Africa to help people to 'see' their way more clearly in their lives.  It is a powerful process along the journey of dreaming, and helping people to remember their dreams. The herbs help people to integrate their 'dream time' experiences, and thus strengthen their spirit. People often report feeling invigorated, energized and very calm after these ceremonies.  Your connection to your Ancestors & the dream world will strengthen and bring more clarity, courage, guidance and inspiration to your path/purpose in Life.

John will use a mixture of medicinal plants. These will be placed in water where the client will place their feet. The wash is external, and is completely safe. Please bring the following items to ceremony:

•  Thermos filled with very warm/hot water •  Foot bath/plastic container to soak your feet in •  Towel