Interview with Raghu Markus on the Mindrolling Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Raghu Markus on his Mindrolling Podcast about my new book 'Leopard Warrior'. I always enjoy my interviews with Raghu. We spoke about his friend and mentor, Ram Dass, as well as other spiritual masters. We covered some key areas such as the qualities of a spiritual teacher, the rhythm of truth, finding our center and connecting with our Dreams.

Please listen for an animated discussion and a few chants and guided meditation. 


"Honouring our Ancestors" with John Lockley & Michael Stone

I was happy to join Michael Stone on the 21st August for his monthly 'New Moon: Planetary Call to Action' Webinar. Many people around the world experienced a solar eclipse. We found this auspicious because of our themed talk. In many ancient cultures around the world the sun was (& still is) perceived as the first ancestor, the source of all life. 

We spoke about 'Ancestors' and how important it is to honour them for gifting us with our life.  The listeners asked some interesting questions. It was quickly apparent how traumatized people are by family history, focusing on the sadness, grief or bad behaviour of ancestors making it difficult for the present generation to stand with dignity. During these discussions I felt called to remind people that we are honouring the shining essence of our ancestors, their khanya (shining) or consciousness that they have passed on to us. We honour this part of our ancestors because this is how we come to 'be' in the world. It is too easy for us to fall into stories whether good or bad.  

I loved speaking alongside Michael. He shared another perspective on the importance of honouring our Ancestors that I found elightening and refreshing. I learnt a great deal from this dialogue with him.

To listen to the discussion please click the Sound Cloud link below. 

'Leopard Warrior' talk in Dublin at Positive Nights

I spoke at Positive Nights with Paul Congdon in Dublin recently about my upcoming book, 'Leopard Warrior'. It was a wonderful night. I received a warm welcome and the people seemed to enjoy my talk. It was important for me to speak from my Mother's original home, Dublin, where it all began for me many years ago. It was in Dublin along the coast on DunLaoghaire peer that my Mother dreamt of Africa. She had a vision of African elephants calling her. The vision was so strong that she felt compelled to listen and travel to Africa. As she said to me years later, "she wanted to witness African elephants in the wild before it all goes..." Hopefully that won't happen. But the wilderness of Africa is under threat by poachers. The only way for this to stop is for there to be more awareness and education about the wilderness and how important it is for each person to reclaim their own wilderness, the landscape of their soul. This is part of my journey, and I was delighted, humbled and very grateful to kick off my world book tour in my second home, the lovely and enigmatic Dublin City. 


Way of the Leopard Teachings

My ‘Way of the Leopard’ teachings are an answer to my question, “how to help people who don’t come from a traditional shamanic culture, to connect with their vital essence, their humanity, and discover their calling in the world?  And how to use traditional shamanic teachings to help the everyday person?”

It was inspired by my traditional sangoma apprenticeship as well as Zen training and general life experience.

Most of us have problems and anxieties either voiced or kept silent. A key part of these teachings is to encourage the individual to ‘feel’ their emotions and physical body. Our gifts or abilities are connected to whatever we are struggling with.  ‘Every crisis creates an opportunity’. To connect with our inner power we need to breathe into our shadows, those unacknowledged parts of ourselves.

I do this through encouraging people to feel their heartbeat. To breathe deeply into their pulse, and accept themselves completely. Sometimes this is scary for people, but the results are always invigorating. After a few minutes of breathing and feeling their pulse I teach people how to move and shake their bodies in a vigorous and dynamic way. This has the potential for building up an incredible amount of heat. The heat is what helps to transform us, giving us energy, positivity, vitality and eventually personal freedom.

Let’s say someone is full of anxiety because they are in a relationship that doesn’t make them happy, and they are unsure about whether to break up with their partner. I teach a few simple breathing exercises and stretches and then an awareness of the hearbeat. Once we become centred around our beating hearts we connect to something dynamic, solid, and the ultimate bass drum. Often people say they can’t feel their pulse. In these cases I get them up dancing and shaking. I bring in a few simple African chants like ‘umama wam’ (my mother) and ‘umoya wam’ (my spirit). When it is done with a particular heartbeat rhythm it is deeply moving and invigorating. People laugh and sometimes cry. We all sit down and everyone feels their heartbeat. Once the heart is free to express itself freely unhindered from thinking and anxiety it gives us images and impressions, helping us to navigate our lives. The person with anxiety about their partner might need to move more, think less and feel their heart deeply, and over time in my experience, the answer always comes in a clear way.

Our hearts connect us directly to the natural world and our own strength.  Our hearts speak in the language of mysticism, images, colours and impressions. We stimulate our hearts through happy movements and then listen to it’s song.  It is always unique to each individual, loaded with possibility and creative potential.

The Leopard teaches us how to REST and STALK our spirit. Resting involves listening, the most radical form of mindfulness. And stalking involves complete concentration, searching for our spirit and what makes us feel alive. 

Are you ready to dance and shake your body and listen to the drum in your chest?


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African Zen in Japan

I recently had the good fortune of being invited to Tokyo to lead retreats and give private sessions. My first introduction to Japanese mysticism and spirituality was at the age of 18 when I immersed myself in studying Soto Zen, a branch of Japanese Buddhism. I was taught how to clear my mind, find calmness in my breath, and energise my body through the beauty of nature. The teachers were kind and strict. I learnt the beauty of spiritual discipline. Now 20 years later I find myself full circle, back in Japan, and this time I was given an opportunity to give back to the Japanese people whose spiritual culture had inspired me years ago. 

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Listen up for John on the Mindrolling Podcast!

Later next week, John's recent interview as guest on the Mindpod Network's Mindrolling podcast, with Raghu Markus and David Silver will be released!

John, Raghu and David talk about John's dynamic mindfulness work and his trip to the US. Raghu and David both have long histories working with spiritual leaders and are collaborating on this wonderful podcast featuring mindfulness teachers and current topics in modern Buddhism.