6/22: An Evening on Traditional Xhosa Dream Shamanism and Ancestral Empowerment/Blessings Ceremony

6:00 - 9:00pm Traditional Xhosa Shamanism & Ancestral Empowerment Blessing Ceremony with Sangoma John Lockley Learn about one of the most ancient shamanic lineages on the planet: the Xhosa 'Sangomas' or ‘People of the Song.’

Get a first hand glimpse into the life of a Xhosa Sangoma, or shaman. Teaching in the traditional way with drumming, singing and storytelling, John regales us with stories from his home in South Africa as well as stories from the road.

Experience Xhosa medicine and receive empowerment blessings as John calls in the Ancestors through rhythmic song and dance. Many people from around the world have experienced profound dreams after attending one of John’s blessing ceremonies.