Plant Healing CEREMONY

A plant healing ceremony is a unique and direct experience that John offers in person to help connect clients with their spirits in a stronger way. John creates plant healing ceremonies drawing on his sangoma training and experience with traditional medicine from around the world.

What to expect in a plant healing with John?

This is a very personal and deeply internal experience for participants. John administers a mixture of plant medicine externally-- clients are encouraged to place their feet (or hands) in a bowl of warm water mixed with the plant medicine. While soaking in the medicine in this way, John prays, uses instruments, and sings to encourage the spirits of the plants as they interact with the spirits of the clients. This is often a profound and moving experience for clients. It is a direct healing encounter with a high potency.

In private sessions, John often administers heat to the bottom of the feet, which encourages connection to the earth and opens channels that are often blocked. Private plant healing sessions continue after the original plant wash. John leaves the client with herbs to continue the cleanse for three consecutive days. Clients can expect internal imagery, enhanced dreams, and a sense of well-being as the effects of the plant medicine permeates in the following days and weeks.

More about plant healing

Traditional medicine cultures such as the Xhosa use plant medicine in a variety of ways to bring about a state of harmony in body, mind and spirit. The plants are used to cleanse the body and spirit of impurities and thereby remove any obstacles or blocks surrounding the person. For instance, a client might go to John in South Africa complaining about not being in a relationship or struggling to find a job. The client would then be washed in herbal medicine so that they can realise their goals. John works with healing the vibration or frequency around the client. Once the aura or energy around the client is cleared then it is believed that the client will automatically ‘khanya,' or shine, making themselves more attractive to the world around them.

The main job of a sangoma or traditional shaman is to help a client dream and realise their potential in this life. Plants are powerful allies along the healing journey. John uses a variety of plants in workshops to help facilitate deep and profound spiritual healing. It is believed that the spirit of plants become more effective when they are activated through singing and chanting. John often uses chants, in addition to rattles, drumming and the flute, to create an atmosphere of healing and peace; thereby increasing the effectiveness of the plant healing.

John always uses the local plants in the vicinity of his workshops. He also tends to mix in some South African plants to increase their efficacy, which he travels with. Please note: All plants used are non-hallucinogenic.

Plant healings are a part of many of John's retreats as a group ceremony, as well as being available as private individual sessions.

About the exchange (for private ceremony sessions)

Plant healing ceremony in France with earth alter in the center.

Plant healing ceremony in France with earth alter in the center.

Personal, one on one sessions are booked at an average rate of £91 or $185, with payment preferred up front.

The offering of these sessions is a rare occurrence outside of the areas they hail from in Africa. In traditional African cultures, sangoma services are highly regarded and well paid for. From time immemorial sangoma medicine people have been paid for their services, whether in the form of animals like goats, chickens, or cows; or goods like tobacco. Money is now common currency for service. It is widely believed that if people don’t pay or exchange something for their healing then they won’t get better. The rate of exchange respects the spiritual lineage of the client and the sangoma, and is a symbol of taking spiritual growth and healing seriously.

Traveling to Europe as the US, John goes to great lengths to follow his calling and share this medicine, and he charges a rate requisite with this expense as well as in consideration of his expertise as a fully initiated senior sangoma.


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