6/23-24: A Weekend of Xhosa Dream Medicine & Initiation to the Izinyaya

In the Xhosa tradition, each person is seen as being connected to a constellation of Ancestors and spiritual forces. A person’s first relationship is to oneself and his/her Ancestor's/spirit guides.  If this primary relationship is out of kilter, then it will present problems throughout one’s life (i.e. relationships, work, life-path, self esteem, depression, etc.). It is through one’s connection with the dream world that one is able to communicate with one’s Ancestors, spirit guides and soul. If people are not able to remember their dreams over a period of time, then this is seen as an illness.

In this workshop:

  • We will reconnect to the Ancestors through prayer, intention, rhythm and trance dance.
  • Sacred Xhosa sangoma songs, or ingomas, will help people to reconnect with themselves, their community and Nature so as to realize their intrinsic Ubuntu, or ‘humanity.’
  • A highlight of the weekend will be a plant blessing ceremony. A blend of sacred Xhosa herbs will be prepared and offered to each participant to use as a face ‘wash.’ The mixture produces a strong herbal scent and a foamy texture.

It is traditionally used for initiations to help people to ‘see’ the Ancestral world. It will open up a greater awareness to one’s own inner life and because of this, will make participants more vigilant to their thoughts, emotions, dreams and visions.

Sangoma John Lockley will also be doing healing sessions and divinations.