In the Rhythm of the Xhosa

John was featured in FAZ (Frankfurter General Newspaper), Germany's national newspaper on Saturday 6th April 2012. He was featured in the section 'Mein Weg', 'My Way', which features people who live inspirational lives. The link is in English and German.

SA-FM - South African Radio

John was a guest on Karabo Kgoleng's afternoon show on SABC  SA-fm on the 10th May 2010.  John was invited to speak on 'Sangomas and the World Cup'. Karabo asked him what it was like to be a white sangoma in post-apartheid South Africa, and also the role of Sangomas in soccer. Listen to the show here:


Newstalk - Irish Radio

John was a guest on Sean Moncrieff's afternoon show on Newstalk, a Dublin, Irish radio station on 17th May 2010. He was interviewed by Fionn Davenport, where he discussed what it means to be a Sangoma and their role in the South African World Cup. John spoke about traditional South African medicine, herbs and soccer. To listen to the lively, humorous show please click below:

Moncrieff Newstalk

Sangoma Lockley is a healing connector

This article appeared in the South African Daily News 25 Feb 2010 It features John working as a traditional Sangoma on a South African farm helping to bring healing after domestic upheaval.

JOHN Lockley is a sangoma. He is one of the few white men in South Africa to be initiated in the Xhosa tradition of sangomas. Ironically, Lockley, who also holds an honours degree in clinical psychology, does not like being referred to as a “white”... read more...Daily News 25 Feb 2010

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BBC Radio Oxford interview

The Jo Thoenes Afternoon Show, BBC Radio Oxford – June 03, 2009 (20 mins approx) John discusses his journey to becoming a Sangoma and how it has changed his life.

Listen to the full interview here: John Lockley BBC Radio Oxford interview

With regard to this interview, John would like to make clear that as far as he and other Xhosa elders are aware, he is one of the first white men, in recent history, to become a fully initiated Xhosa Sangoma. However, there are reports of other white people becoming Sangomas in various indigenous tribes within South Africa.