Mandela Medicine in the USA

Mandela5 Mandela emancipated Africa and made African people everywhere stand tall with dignity and self respect. He made it possible for us to believe in ourselves and practice our old spiritual ways, the ways of our ancestors, the ways of Mother Africa. One of Mandela's core principles was 'Ubuntu' (humanity) and this ties in with his traditional background as a Xhosa man.

I am proud to be an adopted member of the Xhosa nation. As a traditionally trained Xhosa Sangoma, I teach the old ways of our people. One of our principle teachings is 'Ubuntu Ubunzulu', translated as 'the depth of humanity', meaning 'one blood', 'one humanity'. As we say in Xhosa 'if you cut my arm red blood flows; and if I cut your arm, red blood flows. We are all connected. There is only one Great Spirit and one human race. A core Xhosa saying is 'uthando lothando, ubuntu olothando'.  Love is love, Humanity is love.

We believe that to be a human being is a wonderful and sacred job. Our forefathers like Mandela maintain that we are constantly realising our 'ubuntu'. We are constantly improving, by becoming more intuitive and more compassionate. Our original jobs as human beings is only service, 'how can I help you?'.

I will be teaching about Ubuntu as a way of reconnecting with our humanity. I will be in New York City and Asheville, NC. Through simple Xhosa songs, rhythms, drumming and stories, I intend to show people how they can reconnect with their own 'Ubuntu' and Ancestors.

As we focus on our blood and bones, so we energise our spirit, and we can walk as lions and leopards with dignity, love and self respect.

Do you want to learn the Mandela way? Then join me in New York City and Asheville, NC.

Written by John Lockley 9/5/2014


New York City 7th - 27th May

  • Public Talks/ Blessing Ceremonies
  • Thurs 8th - Metacenter, Manhattan, 7-9pm
  • Exchange: $30 at the door
  • Friday 9th - Golden Drum,Brooklyn, 8-9:30pm
  • Suggested Donation: $30
  • Wednesday 14th - The Fifth Line, Sterling pl
  • Exchange: $30 at the Door
  • I will perform an African Blessing ceremony with traditional Sangoma songs & rhythms. There will also be an opportunity for people to ask questions. A number of people have reported ancestral dreams after these sacred sound performances.
  • Weekend Workshop 17-18th - Golden Drum
  • 'Way of the Leopard training'
  • Ceremony 1 - Opening the Door to your Destiny
  • Donation: Early Bird price $250 - March 2nd-April 30th. May price: $300
  • To Book: Contact Golden Drum
  • Private Sangoma Divinations/ Plant healing In New York City, Brooklyn
  • May: 10,11,12,13,15,20,21,22
  • I throw the bones in the traditional Sangoma way and work with ancient plant medicine from South Africa to help heal peoples' spirits.
  • The main focus of my work as a Sangoma is 'ukuvula indlela' which means 'to open the road', so my job is to literally help people find their road or life path.
  • As the bones fall they form a spiritual constellation of a person's life. This is helpful in pointing out areas of strength/ gifts and also where more work is needed.


Asheville, North Carolina 29th May - 3rd June