"Honouring our Ancestors" with John Lockley & Michael Stone

I was happy to join Michael Stone on the 21st August for his monthly 'New Moon: Planetary Call to Action' Webinar. Many people around the world experienced a solar eclipse. We found this auspicious because of our themed talk. In many ancient cultures around the world the sun was (& still is) perceived as the first ancestor, the source of all life. 

We spoke about 'Ancestors' and how important it is to honour them for gifting us with our life.  The listeners asked some interesting questions. It was quickly apparent how traumatized people are by family history, focusing on the sadness, grief or bad behaviour of ancestors making it difficult for the present generation to stand with dignity. During these discussions I felt called to remind people that we are honouring the shining essence of our ancestors, their khanya (shining) or consciousness that they have passed on to us. We honour this part of our ancestors because this is how we come to 'be' in the world. It is too easy for us to fall into stories whether good or bad.  

I loved speaking alongside Michael. He shared another perspective on the importance of honouring our Ancestors that I found elightening and refreshing. I learnt a great deal from this dialogue with him.

To listen to the discussion please click the Sound Cloud link below.