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Monthly Webinar - Honouring the Goddess

This month’s Webinar theme will be ‘Honouring the Goddess’, noticing the all pervading feminine presence in nature as reflected in our Dreams. Areas to be discussed will be how we can honour the feminine and goddess in our lives to foster both personal and ecological harmony.

In traditional shamanic cultures like in Africa and South America the earth is seeing as a living feminine being. In ancient Greek mythology the earth is personified as Gaia, the Mother earth goddess. In the sangoma culture in South Africa medicine people are often women. Some sacred medicines like Ayahuasca in South America are imbued with goddess energy giving people an opportunity to ‘touch the divine’.

If we can picture sacred medicine in the world as a grandmother are we inspired to take from her or give? These will be some of the areas to be discussed.

John will give a 20 min talk to introduce this month’s theme. People can then ask questions. We will then carry on with our ‘Dream circle’ where people will have an opportunity to share their dreams with the group. A recording will be sent to each participant, minus the ‘dream sharing’ to maintain confidentiality.