MONTHLY Webinars

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Monthly webinars are an intimate, economical and nourishing way for John to work with his clients on an ongoing basis. John will begin each webinar with a meditation and invocation in isiXhosa.

In traditional shamanic cultures like the Xhosa it is customary for students to work on their spiritual practice and approach their elders with dreams. Dreams are the language of Spirit, loaded with mystery and opportunity. These webinars are an opportunity for people to work on their dream practice in a traditional way. They are an opportunity for people to ask John questions about their spiritual practice involving ancestral connection, dreams and meditation. A key question is how can we fulfill our life purpose? How can we shine?

John’s next webinar series will begin on the 30th May 2019. Each webinar will be recorded and a copy will be available to all participants who cannot make the scheduled time, or wish to watch again. Members of the monthly webinar series will also be given access to a private Facebook Group for questions and answers with John, and discussion with other webinar participants, between sessions.


Saturday 28th September at 7 pm - 8:15 pm UK Time; 2 - 3:15 pm Eastern Time, (New York); 11 am - 12:15 pm Pacific time (Seattle); 8 pm - 9:15 pm Southern Africa (Cape Town). Time Zone Converter

This month’s Webinar theme will be ‘Healing our Ancestors’. It is well known in Shamanic circles that the living have a responsibility to ‘tend their dead’, to help their loved ones over the water. What does this mean for Western people living modern lives? John will talk about simple ways that people can help their loved ones who have recently departed and also distant ancestors. It starts with an intention of wanting to do good and send appreciation through the blood lines.

The webinars are fluid, depending on who is participating the second half might be spent working with dreams. (Dreams will not be recorded).

Each Webinar starts with a guided meditation, some chanting and an invocation in isiXhosa to lift the energy.

John will give a 20 min talk to introduce this month’s theme. People can then ask questions. We will then carry on with our ‘Dream circle’ where people will have an opportunity to share their dreams with the group. A recording will be sent to each participant, minus the ‘dream sharing’ to maintain confidentiality.

Once people have registered below they will be sent a zoom link a few days before the webinar.

EXCHANGE: $25/month, cancel any time.


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