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Healing Sessions in Dublin

  • DunLaoghaire Dublin Ireland (map)

Sangoma Clinic in DunLaoghaire

John will be available for private healing sessions in DunLaoghaire on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday this week.

People will have the opportunity of booking either a Divination session OR Plant Healing.

The Divination session involves ‘throwing the Bones’ in the traditional South African Way. John reads the constellation of the bones to ‘track’ the client’s spirit and help them find their life purpose or direction.

The Divination sessions are a ceremony involving John and the client. He starts each session with Xhosa chanting and rattling to help him go into trance and connect with his spirits. The more the client can relax and be present with an open heart and mind, the deeper the experience for everyone.

Divination session session are helpful for questions and concerns related to Ancestors, Dreams and Live Purpose.

As a traditionally trained sangoma John is trained to help people connect with their Ancestors and Spirit Guides. This can involve ceremony simple rituals which John teaches clients.

Exchange: € 110

Plant Healing sessions involve a 3 day cleanse/ spiritual detox .

Clients place their feet in a herbal preparation of warm water. John chants and rattles around the client. The plant mixture is then given to them to take home and continue the healing for 2 additional days.


These sessions are beneficial for low energy, improving Dream Recall and as an Energetic Cleanse/ Spiritual detox.

Exchange: € 130 (3 day healing process)

Times: Tuesday 18th - 1 to 6pm; Saturday 22nd - 1 to 6pm, Sunday 23rd, 1 - 5pm

Venue: DunLaoghaire. Exact address will be given after booking.

To Book: email Please suggest a time and day. John will then get back to you with a booking.