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African Shamanic Plant Healing Ceremony in London

  • Barnes Green Social Centre Barnes SW13 9HE United Kingdom (map)

John will be facilitating a plant healing ceremony in London over 2 days. The focus is to help people connect more deeply with their spirit and dreams.

Many people in the West associate the term “plant medicine” with hallucinogenic experiences. But this is just one small area of plant medicine. In many Shamanic cultures the Shaman connects and works with the spirit of the plant in order to restore balance and health. In this workshop, Senior Sangoma John Lockley will teach how dreams can help you to connect with your soul and the plant & animal worlds. He will discuss how plants are used in South Africa to deepen one’s connection to the ‘dreamtime’, ancestral world and ultimately help people to connect with their life path. They do this through cleansing and protecting the individual and aligning them with the spirit of nature.

Participants will be lead through a gentle process in preparation for the plant ceremony. The ceremony will start with an ancestral invocation where each person will be given an opportunity to call on their ancestors. This will be followed by a combination of heart beat meditation (to encourage stillness) and shaking medicine (dynamic movement) to raise the umbilini (kundalini) or spinal energy. Participants will experience the plant ceremony as an external cleanse with their feet immersed in the plant mixture. Plant spirits love rhythm and song. To enhance this experience and facilitate deeper healing John will chant ‘ingomas’ or sacred sangoma songs assisted by the African drum. He will lead the participants on a ‘healing journey’ to release negativity and fear and be open to more abundance and joy in their lives.

On the second day John will talk in more detail about different types of dreams, in particular prophetic or ‘teaching dreams’.

For more information please see John’s best selling book, ‘Leopard Warrior’ & audio teachings ‘Way of the Leopard’. These are available in most book stores or online via Amazon. This will form valuable background info to John’s work.

Please bring:

- Pen and notebook
- Towel
- A plastic tub that is large enough for both feet to fit into. Preferably square. It is sold in most supermarket stores as washing basins.

Coffee, Tea and biscuits will be provided.


Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 9.30am to 12.30pm.


Chris Thurow,