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Leopard Warrior Book Launch in Vancouver, BC

  • Banyen Books and Sound 3608 West 4th Avenue Vancouver, BC, V6R 1P1 Canada (map)

John will be launching his book in Vancouver at the Banyen Books and Sound, one of the leading resource centres on the West Coast of America for all things related to spirituality and healing sound.


"A beautiful invitation to open your eyes and heart to whole new worlds of shamanic healing and spirit. A reminder to trust your dreams and inspiration, and to love, dance and awaken to mystery."

Jack Kornfield,  Author of A Path With Heart

"Leopard Warrior is truly a remarkable account of the initiation of a white male in South Africa into becoming a Sangoma. This is quite a sign to be entrusted with these deep ancestral mysteries. John Lockley shares a wealth of stories that will bring tears to your eyes as well as inspire you to want to learn more. The exercises he provides are simple yet transformative. This book is brilliant!"

Sandra Ingerman, MA author of Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light: The Everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life


The Leopard is one of the most loved and revered animal totems in Africa. ‘Leopard Warrior’ is a call for people to listen to their inner nature and face their own shadows. For many people it means facing their wounds, their vulnerability and therein lies the alchemy for our transformation. Sangomas are traditional healers/ shamans from South Africa. They are called in a profound, ancient way via dreams and a mysterious illness to become mystic healers. John was born to become a Sangoma and recalls his odyssey from civil war in South Africa, Zen Buddhist meditation in South Korea to prophetic dreams and a ten-year apprenticeship under MaMngwevu, a traditional Xhosa woman from Nelson Mandela’s tribe. John talks about ‘humanity’ (Ubuntu) and his quest to find an end to war which began for him through listening to his dreams and accepting his ‘calling illness’.

Leopard Warrior is a pioneering book bridging South African traditional spirituality and modern Western Psychology.

John will be giving a one day 'Way of the Leopard Warrior' workshop on Saturday at East West Book store, followed by private healing/ Divination sessions on Monday 3rd Sep.

For further information & bookings please contact Banyen Books and Sound.