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Way of the Leopard 2-Day Ancestral Healing Ceremony in Montreal, Canada

The Way of the Leopard are the teachings of John Lockley, one of the first white men in recent history, after a 10 year apprenticeship, to become a fully initiated Senior Sangoma - A traditionally trained healer and Shaman in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa, the tribe of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu..

Welcome to the world of the sangoma for this unique ceremony!

In South Africa the leopard is regarded as one of the main totems of traditional healers, or iinyanga (herbalists), and sangomas, reminding us about the importance of connecting to all our senses and moving through the natural world with harmony, balance, mindfulness, and poise. It embodies the characteristics of nature: wild,unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous. The leopard represents in fact the most sublime intuitive intelligence the natural world has to offer. And like sangomas everywhere, it occupies the twilight world, coming alive with the first and last glimmer of light, the time when sangomas pray.

A Key question for all participants will be ‘Where is your spirit’, and how is ‘Nature calling you right now’?

This ancestral ceremony will provide an opportunity to dive deep into self exploration, realization, transformation and healing. It will be a mix of stillness, heartbeat meditation, trance dancing, praying through honoring ancestors , dreamwork, collectively helping you connect to your inner wildness and and helping you realize your calling in the world, and embracing your essential humanity, your Ubuntu.

John will also perform a cleanse with medicinal plants (non-hallucinogenic). People will place their feet in a mixture of plant medicine. This rite is used to help ‘open the road’ for people, to enable them to reconnect to their life purpose. 

This Ceremony requires all participants to fully engage with their own process. It requires the hearts of warriors, fearless individuals who are not afraid to face their own Shadows.

Are you ready?

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