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Way of the Leopard Ceremonies 2 & 3 Retreat in Holland

  • Centrum Indianenverhalen 28A Brinkeweg Winterswijk Miste, GE, 7109 BN Netherlands (map)
John at Centrum Indianenverhalen in 2015.

John at Centrum Indianenverhalen in 2015.

John continues his Way of the Leopard training in at the Centrum Indianenverhalen in Winterswijk Miste, Netherlands, with hosts Josien and Peter.

John will lead a 3-day ceremonial retreat, suitable for people who are already familiar with some shamanic knowledge and / or are serious seekers.

This retreat encompasses ceremonies 2 and 3 of the Way of the Leopard Training.

Inclusive cost is € 350.

Ceremony 2 – Ancestral Voices – connecting with your spirits

In Xhosa and Zulu culture, Izinyanya, or ancestors, refers to our blood ancestors, as well as nature, plant and animal spirits. During this weekend we will explore ways of deepening our relationships with our own Izinyanya. We will focus on animal totems or guiding spirits. Do you know these spirits in your life? How do they show themselves to you?

John will lead a ceremony to help deepen our relationship to our Izinyanya.

Ceremony 3 – Trance Dancing the Sangoma Way

Participants will learn the ancient ‘Xentsa’ or trance dance, as well as ‘ingomas’ or ceremonial chants. The healer’s dance has been performed for hundreds of years in Southern Africa to promote healing in various forms. The Khoi-San have been proponents of this dance. They are known to be the oldes indigenous tribe in the world today. The Xhosa tribe intermixed with the Khoi-San and adopted their ceremonial dance.

Participants will be taught this dancing style. There will be periods during the weekend of ‘free dancing’ to allow the community to ‘feel their spirits’ move.

The Sangoma rhythm is a particular heart-beat rhythm and falls into the genre of ‘sacred music’ around the world. The ingomas or songs are chants, sung to invoke the ancestors and healing spirits. It is well known that the sound of the Sangoma drum is enough to help connect people to their spirits and to dream in a mystical way.

People are welcome to bring their own instruments to facilitate learning this new rhythm.

Full details (in Dutch) here. For more information and register, please contact Josien.