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Honouring our Bones in Kerry, Ireland

The Way of the Leopard

Exploring our Bones, Opening our Heart

A two-day intensive Retreat At Aloha House with John Lockley.

We can only fully step into who we are as people once we take time to honour our Bones (Ancestors) and where we come from.

John is known as an 'Ancestral Healer', a sangoma from South Africa. He apprenticed for 10 years under his Xhosa teacher, MaMngwevu, becoming one of the first white men, in recent history to become a fully initiated Sangoma (traditional shaman) in the Xhosa Lineage of South Africa. This is the same lineage as Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

Intention for this Retreat

To be-friend our Ancestors (Bones) so we can more fully step onto our life-path in this world and the next.

 The Way of the Leopard

African teachings speak about the importance of first connecting with our bones, heart and body in order to understand our spirit and path in life. The leopard teaches us about the innate intelligence of the body to help navigate our spirit in the world around us. John will teach aspects of the south African trance dance or ‘xhentsa’ to help people to activate their ‘umbilini’ (kundalini) centre and awaken their senses.

 Shaking Medicine

John brings his unique ‘shaking medicine’ dance to Germany. It is a powerful way to unlock your blocks, wake your body and connect to your soul. It is open to people with all levels of fitness, old and young. People move at their own pace. It is a joyful celebration of movement resulting in people laughing whilst dancing.

Ancestral Reconnection Ceremony

The whole weekend will be done as a ceremony. John will lead people in an ancestral re-connection ceremony. This is a simple process of placing incense sticks in an earth altar in the centre of the workshop room. Our ancestors are our gateway to the spirit world and we need to give thanks to them for the gift of life that they have bestowed on us.

Purification using Plant medicine

Participants will be cleansed with medicinal plants. This helps to remove energetic blocks so people can dream and connect with their life calling. This is done via the feet. Each person will place their feet in a bowl (square) of medicinal plants mixed with water.

Ancient Art of Dreaming

 A core part of John’s teaching is Dream interpretation or as he says, “appreciation”. Our soul speaks to us through our Dreams, guiding us to live happier and more conscious lives. It is important for us to learn the language of Dreaming, the oldest and most universal language in the world. Sadly, this language is dying out and we see it in the destruction of the natural world. To bring it back all we need is the intention to remember our dreams and give them more respect and attention.

Participants will learn:

• To move & dance like the Leopard to become one with nature

• Heart-Beat meditation to still the mind and energise the body

• The importance of connecting with our ancestors (Bones)

• The 3 levels of Dreaming to reveal our destiny and uncover our calling

• The power of plant medicine to cleanse the spirit and energise the body 

Exchange: €280 + accommodation.

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Killorglin, View from Aloha House

Killorglin, View from Aloha House

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