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Online Teaching - Connect to Your Bones (Ancestors)

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Join Senior Sangoma John Cingolweendaba Lockley for 3 Zoom sessions from 2 pm to 3.30 pm New York time (7 pm London/ UK), 11am to 12:30pm Pacific time, on Friday 16th August, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th. Special Investment of $125 .

Connecting to your bones means to acknowledge and honor those who made you who you are – your ancestors. Your ancestors are your blood ancestors, your lineage ancestors, the nature spirits and other elemental beings. In the African Shamanic tradition, your ancestors are a source of insight and healing. They help us to live life in a meaningful and dignified way.

In this 3-part online teaching, Senior Sangoma John Lockley will explain and demonstrate ways to connect with your ancestors. This will help you to live your full potential and move towards your destiny in this life. It connects you with your life force.

Each online training session will be 90min including time for question and answer. Sessions 1 and 2 will be recorded and an audio recording will be shared with all participants within 72 hrs of each session. Session 3 will be interactive and involve group participation and dream sharing. To help people fully open up and speak, that session will not be recorded. Participants are asked to keep a dream journal throughout the duration of this course. 

Session 1 - Friday 16th August - 2pm New York time (7pm London)

  • What are Ancestors

    • Blood ancestors

    • Lineage ancestors

    • Nature Spirits

    • Elemental beings

  • Why do we honour our Ancestors

    • How to deal with “difficult” ancestors

    • Traditional South African beliefs vs. western concept of instant gratification

    • Practice of gratitude

  • Traditional South African Ancestral practice as the foundation of Family Constellation therapy

  • How do our ancestors communicate with us?

  • Dreams

    • Three types of dreams

  • Signs of nature

  • Synchronicities

  • Meditation – Connecting to your heart-beat

Session 2 - Saturday 17th August - 2pm New York time (7pm London)

  • Heart-beat meditation

  • Obstacles to spiritual practice?

    • Working with your Shadow

    • Learning to identify it and bring it into the light

  • How to honour your ancestors?

    • Creating an Ancestral Shrine

    • Praying & Singing to the ancestors

    • Smudging ceremony

  • How to open up for dreams

    • Sleep hygiene

    • Meditation

    • Plant Cleanses

Session 3 - Sunday 18th August - 2pm New York time (7pm London)

  • Heart-beat meditation

  • Talk about your dreams

    • What types of dreams did you have

    • Any reoccurring themes?

    • Any developments?

  • How is your ancestral practice going?

  • How to ask your ancestors questions

Booking Process

Once you have paid the $125 via the paypal link above John will send you a zoom link to access the webinars. Each webinar will be recorded so don’t worry if you can’t make one of them.