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Way of the Leopard Retreat in Detroit, US

  • House of Yoga West 12 Mile Road MI United States (map)



Learn how to connect to your 7 senses, and move through the natural world like a Leopard.

 Wednesday 2nd Public talk 7-9pm ‘Way of the Leopard’ - connect with your intuition, connect with Nature.

Venue: House of Yoga, Berkeley

Retreat 4th starts 6pm - 9pm; Saturday: 11 am-6 pm & Sunday: 1 pm - 3 pm

  • John’s talk and retreat will be based on his best-selling book ‘Leopard Warrior’ and audio teachings ‘Way of the Leopard’, both published by Sounds True and available for purchase & signing on the night, and during the retreat.

The Leopard is one of the most revered totem animals in Southern Africa. The reason is because it represents intuitive intelligence and nobility of spirit. The Leopard represents harmony between the spirit and mundane worlds, always dancing between the twilight worlds of light and dark. It is a guide to African medicine people and others who want to listen and wake up.

John Leads his talks like a ceremony in an interactive way with live drumming, singing and chanting. People will get an opportunity to learn the trance dance from South Africa and feel their energy move. This retreat is conducted as a ceremony, with chanting, dancing and meditating. A key intention behind John’s teaching is ‘uvula indlela’, opening the road through teaching people how to find their purpose or CALLING IN LIFE through listening to their hearts, dreams and intuition.

In order to listen effectively we need to stimulate our nervous system and WAKE UP.

With ‘SHAKING MEDICINE,’ John will show you how to energise your spine to awaken your intuition. “In order to feel like the leopard, we need to move and dance like the leopard”.


  • to connect with your humanity (Ubuntu): ·

  • Listen to your Heartbeat · Connect with your Bones (Ancestors) ·

  • Work with your Dreams (night time journeys)


A key part of the retreat is a traditional South African plant medicine ceremony. This is done to help cleanse people so that they can receive insightful dreams. The plants used are ‘non-hallucinogenic’. Participants will place their feet in water & herbs. Important items to bring on retreat • A plastic foot basin, room to place both feet. • Blanket for meditation • Dream journal to record dreams.

NB: This Ceremony requires all participants to engage with their own process 100%. It requires the hearts of warriors, fearless individuals who are not afraid to face their own Shadows.

  • People will have an opportunity to buy John’s book ‘Leopard Warrrior’ and Audio teachings ‘The Way of the Leopard’.

Exchange: $280 by 9/9 ($300 after)

To Book:; +1.248.556.0992

Private Divination & Shamanic (Plant) Healing sessions with John

John will be available for private session in Detroit on Tuesday 8th & Wed 9th.

Book above via House of Yoga.

  • Cost : $201 for Divination (Bone Throwing in the traditional Nguni way).

  • Shamanic (Plant) Healing = $250 (3 day process with plant cleanse).

Earlier Event: October 3
Book Launch in Michigan, USA