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Way of the Leopard 2-Day Ceremony in Boulder, CO

This ceremony is based on John's best-selling book 'Leopard Warrior'. 

What does it mean to be a warrior? A Leopard Warrior is a mystical being that is prepared to enter the shadow worlds within and return to this world with magic and mystery to share. To do this requires the courage and fortitude of a warrior; to smile at our wounds & nightmares and see them as an opportunity to grow. What the world needs now are 'Leopard Warriors', spiritual warriors who face their own shadows and bring them into the light. Are you ready?

In this two day Ceremony, John will use guided meditation, prayer, song, dance, drumming, plant medicine (e.g. Pine, White Sage, Rosemary), and intention to help the participants to connect with their inner voice, sharing teachings on “Connecting with our Ancestral Lines” and “Remembering our Dreams”. He will also share experiences from working in the African Bush, how to track animals, helping participants to connect with their heartbeat, re-wilding them and strengthening their ability to move towards their life calling, their destiny.

John teaches about Ubuntu – Humanity – Connecting people to their Ancestors, their own indigenous roots, re-wilding people, connecting them to their dreams and their soul. John is a dreamer, a healer and a divinator who works with Sacred Ceremony, meditation, song, dance and cleansing herbs to help people to connect more fully to themselves, to find their Life Path, their Soul Calling.

Exchange is $252. 
Early Bird = $222 if paid in full by October 1
*** You must attend both days - tickets WILL NOT be sold for individual days

For additional Information Contact Michael by phone/text at 406-360-6111



Join us October 4, Thursday evening for a Leopard Warrior Talk/Ceremony at the Starhouse

There will be an opportunity to buy John’s bestselling book, ‘Leopard Warrior’ & audio teachings ‘Way of the Leopard’, both produced by Sounds True.

Private Healing sessions: John will be available for private healing sessions. Sessions are one hour. Time slots: 1 PM, 2:15 PM, 3:45 PM, and 5 PM. Dates: Sat 10/6, Sun 10/7, Wed 10/10, Thu 10/11, and Wed 10/17. To make an appointment please contact Michael at 406-360-6111 or