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Ancestral Healing Dance

  • The Hot Spot Music Club Victoria Road Greystones, County Wicklow Ireland (map)

Ancestral Healing Dance - Workshop/Ceremony in Greystones,

In South Africa traditional healers are called Sangomas. They  use rhythm and dance to connect to the spirit world; the world of nature and the ancestral realm. John will facilitate a 4 hour ceremony through teaching the ‘Xhentsa’ or trance dance. This is an ancient dance that has been performed for thousands of years and was passed down through the centuries from the oldest people in the world, the Khoi San or Bushmen peoples in South Africa, to the current generation.

This dance is also known as the rain dance because it has the power to change nature. It is about energising the spine so the dancer becomes a lightning rod. In Southern Africa it is the kundalini dance because it awakens the ‘umbilini’ or kundalini energy in the spine.

Please bring your prayers, wounds and joy. John will teach people the dance and then use a playlist of traditional sangoma songs and rhythms. The workshop will be run as a ceremony. This ceremony is based on John’s book ‘Leopard Warrior’. After the workshop people will have an opportunity to get a signed copy of his book as well as his audio teachings, ‘The Way of the Leopard’.

John is also available for private healing sessions whilst he is in Dublin. To book for healings email

Hosted by Hot Spot in Greystones

John Lockley’s Biography

John is a traditionally trained healer or shaman known as a sangoma with over 20 years’ experience. He spent 10 years apprenticing under his teacher MaMngwevu, a member of the Xhosa nation, the same tribe as Nelson Mandela & Desmond Tutu, to become one of the first westerners in recent history to be given the title of ‘ligqira elikhulu’ or senior sangoma. John holds an honours degree in clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Health Psychology and peoples’ ability to overcome extreme trauma like breast cancer.

John also has a background in Zen Buddhism and apprenticed under Zen Master Su Bong from South Korea in the early 1990’s. He completed a 3 month silent meditation in a mountain temple in South Korea after which he was invited to become a zen monk. He chose instead to become a sangoma, an African traditional healer.

John is a pioneer in bridging ancient South African heal­ing technology — Sangoma medicine — with the mainstream, Western medical culture. John’s mother is Irish, from Dublin and he has spent his life moving between Ireland & South Africa. He is a true afro-celt healer. John’s work could be summed up in the Xhosa word ‘Masiyembo’ which involves a profound remembering of the human spirit through the practice of dreams, plant medicine and an appreciation of ancestors and our bone family.



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