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'Leopard Warrior' - Free Webinar Series

Learn to Hear the Call of your Spirit

Dates: Sat 5th August, Sun 3rd September, Sat 30th Sep

Times:  11am to 11:30am  EST 

Welcome to this unique series of talks & teachings by John Lockley from his upcoming book ‘Leopard Warrior’ and audio teachings 'The Way of the Leopard'.

Please write down your email address to subscribe to this Webinar series. You will be given a complimentary chapter from the book to get you started. The chapter is called ‘Ubuntu 101’ and it involves some of the key teachings in the book.

The leopard teaches us how to connect to the wild, untamed part of ourselves, and in so doing freeing our minds, bodies and spirits.

The leopard is one of the main totem animals used by traditional healers in Southern Africa because it represents nobility of spirit, independence and intuitive intelligence, and is constantly connected to both the spirit and material worlds.

In order for us to become more powerful, effective human beings, we need to become like the Leopard; warriors unafraid of the dark, with an ability to breath into all aspects of ourselves both hidden and seen.

Leopard Warrior is an alchemical story of transformation where John asked an existential question; the same question philosophers and mystics have asked for aeons. “What is my calling?” “How can I realise it in this world?” From a young age John was called to become an African medicine man, a sangoma. However being brought up in another culture and during the oppressive Apartheid era, it was extremely difficult for him to realise his calling. Fortunately, he did! And now he teaches people worldwide how they can find their calling and become warriors of light and healing in the world.

This webinar covers three main themes: The Call of Spirit, Connecting with our Bones (Ancestors or spirit world) , and the Language of Dreams (the Language of Spirit).

Webinar 1, 5th August

 The Call of Spirit

Sangomas are traditional South African shamans also known as traditional healers and diviners. To become a sangoma you need to receive a calling, which often involves a mystical illness. In South Africa this is called the ‘thwaza’. Ultimately sangomas are wounded healers. Their illness teaches them empathy and compassion opening to the world of suffering, spirit and magic.

Have you ever felt vulnerable, wounded and alone?

Have you ever pondered the sheer pointlessness of suffering and pain?

John will speak about the power of illness and suffering to help us find our own calling. Ultimately everyone is wounded and vulnerable and once we can accept this and breathe into it our life calling becomes clearer.

John will encourage the webinar participants to listen to their beating hearts and feel their own woundedness. When we can open ourselves up to our own vulnerability and essential mortality then our essential spiritual selves can appear.

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the webinar.

At the end of each webinar participants will have an opportunity to book a private skype session with John.

6th August – private skype sessions – By appointment. Email

Webinar 2, Sun 3rd September

Connecting with our Bones (Ancestors)

All traditional shamanic traditions speak about ancestors and the importance of honouring them.

John will speak about the triangle of spiritual connection as he recounts it in  ‘Leopard Warrior’. Spirituality is a private matter. Each individual needs to learn to connect with the Great Spirit or Universal Consciousness, then our maternal and paternal lineages. Each person is born with two spiritual lineages, their mothers and their fathers. As we honour these essential parts of ourselves the doorway to the spirit world opens up to us.

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions.

At the end of each webinar participants will have an opportunity to book a private skype session with John.

4th September – private skype sessions – By appointment. Email  

Webinar 3, Sat 30th September

The Language of Dreams

“Everyone is called and everyone has a responsibility to wake up to their calling, accept it and listen to where it is leading them.”

How can you tell the difference between a mundane dream that mirrors your waking life of shopping, working and going about your business; with something more profound and mystical that leaves you with a sense of spaciousness and quiet inside?

John will talk about the 3 levels of dreaming and how participants can start to understand their dreams and how they are being directed by spirit during their nightly journeys.

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions.


At the end of each webinar participants will have an opportunity to book a private skype session with John.

1st October – private skype sessions – By appointment. Email

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