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Private Sessions in Amsterdam

John will be offering private sessions to clients interested in either Bone Divination OR Plant Healing sessions.

Bone Divinations

Each session is performed in a ceremonial way on the ground. John chants to call his spirits and the spirits of the client. In South Africa when clients visit a Sangoma it is treated with the same level of reverence as people in Asia visiting a Buddhist temple or shrine to speak to the monks.

John throws the bones in the traditional Zulu or Swazi way. The bones form a ‘constellation’ of the client’s life, showing their strengths and challenges. John’s job as a Sangoma is to ‘help open the road’ for people i.e. to help client’s realise their life path or destiny. He works as a spiritual coach helping people to recognise their gifts and giving them simple rituals and ideas to overcome their obstacles. He doesn’t DO IT FOR THE CLIENT but rather gives the client encouragement and inspiration to take the next step.

These divination sessions have been known to be very healing and insightful for clients around the world.

Benefits: These sessions are suitable for people who are feeling a bit lost and looking for more direction.


Plant Healing/ Cleansing Sessions

*NB: John needs to be told in advance, preferably 24 hrs, to give him a chance to mix the medicinal plants.

During these sessions clients place their feet in a bowl of water mixed with medicinal plants. John chants over the client using his voice and various musical instruments. The idea is to help the client relax and enter a dream state.

These sessions are helpful for general relaxation, creativity and as a spiritual detox to remove unwanted energies, thus helping the client to realise their destiny in this world.

These sessions last for 3 days. The first session is with John, then he gives the remaining herbs to the client to perform their own cleanse for day 2 & 3. The cleanse is performed as a ritual with a simple prayer to focus the clients spiritual energy and help cleanse & purify their mind.


Most people seem to experience a wonderful sense of relaxation, calmness and tranquillity.

Some people have also reported an improvement in their sleep and dreams.

Exchange for private sessions: €91

For bookings and information please contact:
Carmen  Tel: +31 06-42026729, OR Nicola Tel: +31-06-20921488