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Plant Healing the Sangoma Way in SA

Plant Healing - The Sangoma Way: An intensive plant healing retreat in Ixopo, South Africa

This retreat will take place at the Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo South Africa. It is situated in an ideal place in the Heart of traditional Zulu culture in South Africa. John is often supported by the centres local Sangoma who brings her friends to help with the drumming and singing in the traditional Sangoma way.  

Medicinal plants have been used in African Sangoma culture for hundreds of years - to cleanse and help people to connect to their true nature. This is reflected in conscious dreaming and in a more aware wakeful state. The Sangoma healing culture is one of the most ancient and misunderstood healing systems in the world. Yet up until the 1980’s, more than 80% of South Africans consulted traditional healers and Sangomas.

Participants in this retreat will learn about medicinal plants and their uses and the role of ancestors and dreams. Some traditional plant cleanses will be demonstrated with non-hallucinogenic plants.  John will show the Sangoma version of meditative absorption in drumming, chanting and dancing. Every morning there will be a “dream circle” in which dreams will be interpreted. He will take peopla on a walk to find Sangoma healing plants at the BRC and demonstrate how they are harvested and prepared for use.

NB: All retreat participants: Please bring a plastic basin which will be used as part of the medicinal plant cleanse, a dream journal, and pen & paper to take notes.

John will be available for private Sangoma divinations involving traditional 'bone throwing'. For a consultation please enquire at the BRC during the retreat or email to schedule a session. 

To Book a place on the retreat contact the Buddhist Retreat Centre.

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