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Heart-Beat Meditation Training

Mindfulness Webinar Series from Africa

Heart-Beat Meditation Training - Webinar 1

(Saturday, January 28th, NOON EST)

Learn the ancient art of pulse breathing by attuning yourself to your heartbeat. All life vibrates to the timeless rhythm of the heartbeat. Once we can connect more deeply to our own beating hearts, we can connect more fully to the world around us. A key practice here is feeling your own heartbeat. If you cannot, this is an indication of being out of rhythm with yourself.
Our heart is the doorway to the spirit world. Our first task as human beings is to befriend our own hearts and connect with who we are, our innermost being, our soul. John will lead a guided meditation to help people connect with their hearts and their inner voice. All that is required is the ability to listen to the quietness within, without judgment or expectations.

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An African sunset

An African sunset