Introduction to Ubuntu

'Ubuntu' is central to Southern African spirituality. It means humanity, and is widely believed that we realise our humanity through the quality of our interaction with one another. 'Ubuntu Ubunzulu' means the depth of humanity, and these include the sacred Xhosa Sangoma teachings which I will be talking about over the weekend.

  • Friday 25th -Talk & Blessing ceremony,7:30-9:30pm, £15
  • Saturday 26th - One day Workshop,10-5pm,£75  Involving a traditional 'Kraal' ceremony.The Kraal is an ancient structure or 'doorway' used to connect more deeply with our ancestors. It is the only one of its kind outside South Africa.
  • Sunday 27th - Private Divination Sessions. £70

To Book the Talk, One day workshop and/or private Divination session please call Richard Diss on 01525-862278 or email him on