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Sacred Aloe

My wish is to help people of all nations 'to remember' their old ancestral ways through dreaming - for when people are in touch with their own inner worlds, then happiness and contentment can be fostered, peace and balance can be restored.


My intention behind this website and media work is to publicise and correctly inform people about African spirituality, and in particular, Sangoma work. For too long now there has been the mistaken view that Sangomas are associated with witchcraft, black magic and voodoo. The word 'Sangoma' means 'people of the song' because we go into trace through rhythm and song.  The job of the Sangoma is to heal people and lift the spiritual energy of the individual and community up. It is a sacred job with great responsibility. If people call themselves 'sangoma' but then work to hurt, injure or create disharmony, they are not sangomas and only serve to discredit this ancient name and profession.

There is no word for depression in the Zulu and Xhosa language, only 'umoya phantsi' (spirit energy down), or 'umoya phezulu' (spirit energy up). The job of the Sangoma is always 'umoya phezulu' - to lift, raise up the spiritual energy of the individual and community. In the international language of healing, one cannot put curses on people one day and then attempt to heal people the next.

One of the ancient symbols of Sangomas is the 'Sacred Aloe' - to heal the community in a variety of ways.

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