'Way of the Leopard' Retreat

  • Centrum Indianenverhalen 28A Brinkeweg Winterswijk Miste, GE, 7109 BN Netherlands

A 3 day Intensive purification ceremony working with dreams, ancestors and medicinal plants.

John places an earth altar in the centre of the room and guides people in a simple ceremony to connect to their ancestors, dreams and calling.

Participants will experience:

 * Heart-Beat Meditation * Connecting with their Ancestors * Working with Dreams *African Yoga - Dynamic dancing to raise the 'umbilini (kundalini energy)

* A Beautiful medicinal plant cleanse. Participants will place their feet in a basin of water mixed with medicinal plants. 

For Bookings and further information please contact Josien info@centrumindianenverhalen.nl, Tel: 0543-565540

Public Talk in Winterswijk 2015

Public Talk in Winterswijk 2015