John Lockley is a fully initiated sangoma (healer and shaman) in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa, having spent 10 years in apprenticeship with the tribe that gave us Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. His remarkable journey through the constraints of Apartheid is a testament to the human spirit, and to the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Awaken, to the heartbeat of Africa. 

Indigenous wisdom for dynamic change.

The healing of the West may be the job of the very cultures it looks down upon. Can Africa’s material poverty meet Western spiritual bareness to bring balance in the world? We must dream the impossible, seek the beauty of sharing wisdom through the cracks of our longing, and usher into reality the possibility of a world village glued together by a concert of wisdom. John is an artisan of this and more. His work deserves respect and reverence.

—Malidoma Somé, Burkina Faso Medicine Elder & Of Water and the Spirit author