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March 5, 2018 | Sounds True released a feature video series in honor of John’s book release of Leopard Warrior. Become Wilder What does become wilder mean? To go outside, to leave your phone behind, to breath and fully feel your bones and feel the wildness inside yourself... What would you do to become wilder?

The Leopard The leopard, a beautiful creature, symbol of natural intelligence, very noble and very sacred.

Dreaming The importance of dreams. They guide us to our connection with our soul and our spirit.

Heartbeat Meditation Heartbeat meditation: To bring you into your body, to bring you into your soul, to help you connect with your true voice, with Mother Nature.

What Does Ubuntu Mean? Ubuntu: To feel your negative emotions, transforming them and blossoming like a flower.


August 20, 2012 | Highlights from John's extensive interview. Voices of the Earth, a project of the Earth Medicine Alliance speaks with John Lockley, an African Shaman who originates from South Africa. Courtesy of Voices of the Earth.

Xhosa culture; Growing up in South Africa - Part 1/8.

Sangoma Training; Bringing African Culture to the West - Part 2/8.

Xhosa Ritual and Ceremony; Divination; Connecting to Spiritual Destiny - part 3/8.

Spirits of Place - part 4/8.

Blending of Cultures; Participating in Traditional Ways; Sacred Song and Dance - part 5/8.

2012 as a Period Renewal; Rebalancing; Return to Feminine Spirit - part 6/8.

Reconnecting with Blood Ancestors; Bones and Dreams; Ubuntu - part 7/8.

Xhosa Song for Nelson Mandela - part 8/8.

Watkins Books

August 13, 2018 | John talks about ‘humanity’ (Ubuntu) and his quest to find an end to war which began for him through listening to his dreams and accepting his ‘calling illness’ in the process of becoming an igqirha elikhulu, a senior sangoma. One of John’s sangoma names, given to him by the Zulu Sage Credo Mutwa, is “Indlu Yengwe” (house of the leopard). The Leopard is one of the most loved and revered animal totems in Africa. John Lockley’s ‘Leopard Warrior’ is a call for people to listen to their inner nature and face their own shadows. For many people it means facing their wounds, their vulnerability and therein lies the alchemy for our transformation.


Bliss & Grit

February 6, 2018 | In this episode we’re discussing what it means to be fully human, how aliveness can be a messenger of our purpose, cultural appropriation, how to heal your ancestral lineage, the danger of avoiding the shadow, and aligning with your own wild nature. John shared with us that his reason for doing this work is to support people in becoming intoxicated with the sweet spirit of Mother Nature, and you can feel it in his words.


Budhda at the Gas Pump

October 19, 2017 | I had an amazing interview with Rick Archer from ‘Buddha at the Gas Pump’. We spoke about my background as a sangoma, my apprenticeship in the rural areas of South Africa, my upcoming book ‘Leopard Warrior’ as well as the state of chaos in the world. I mentioned my optimism about the future and felt that the chaos of the world is like a cleansing fever encouraging all of us to dig deeper and become more conscious. Enjoy!


The Morning Show on TV3, Ireland

August 23, 2011 | John appears on The Morning Show on TV3, Ireland.


September 5, 2018. Banyen Books. John Lockley, renowned sangoma/South African Shaman, speaks with Farah Nazarali in this Banyen interview. John Lockley is a fully initiated traditional sangoma in the Xhosa tribe of South Africa - the same tribe as Nelson Mandala and Desmond Tutu. He uniquely bridges African spirituality with Zen and Western Psychology.

July 18, 2018. Keeping It Real. John Lockley is the author of Leopard Warrior (Sounds True), the story of how he become one of the first modern white men in recent history to become a fully initiated traditional priest and healer, a Sangoma, in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa, the tribe of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. NewSpiritJournal.com

June 18, 2018. Pat Kenny Show. John was featured on the Pat Kenny show in Ireland on 10 May 2018. John talks about his parents and their journey from Europe to Africa, as well as his journey to become a fully initiated sangoma. Listen to the interview here!

April 26, 2018 Leopard Warrior Book Live from South Africa John talks about his new book 'Leopard Warrior' & audio teachings 'The Way of the Leopard'. He discusses the inspiration behind his book, nature & the African wilderness.

January 2, 2018 Divination Sessions John speaks about his Divination Sessions, which come from the heart of the sangoma tradition.

August 5, 2015 Healing in the West.  Xhosa Sangoma (shaman) John Lockley discusses healing in the West. Video by New Snow Media. Click here for upcoming 2015 tour dates in the US and UK!

September 9, 2014 Reconnect to Your Personal Vision Webinar John shares ways to deeply reconnect to yourself.

July 9, 2014 Understanding Dreams Join John Lockley for his first live dream webinar to learn awareness tips and gain an understanding of how to track your dreams to live more fully on your spiritual path.

Oct 20, 2013 John's public talk at Central Park as part of the NY Shamanic Circle gathering. In this dynamic talk and ceremony, John expresses the discontent of the spirits of the land and works with the group to honor them.

October 11, 2012 Pt. 2 Xhosa Tribe Sangoma/Shaman Teaching by John Lockley of South Africa Courtesy of the Feather Project. Shot on location at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, Brooklyn, NY, USA

October 11, 2012 Pt. 4 Xhosa Tribe Sangoma/Shaman Teaching by John Lockley of South Africa Courtesy of the Feather Project. Shot on location at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, Brooklyn, NY, USA

May 28, 2018. Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in London. John performed live on stage at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London Olympia on the 28th May 2018. He did a combination of dancing, demonstration, singing and speaking. Ubuntu - Humanity was the focus of his teaching. He emphasized the importance of each person reconnecting to their own spirit/soul as they are the center of their own 'Ubuntu' circle.

January 2, 2018 A New Years Message From Africa John speaks from his shrine room in South Africa after his successful book tour through the United States. He gives a New Year Blessing & shares some simple teachings & a meditation to help people reconnect with their Dreams, Ancestors & Life Path.

January 2, 2018 Way of the Leopard Retreats John speaks about his 'Way of the Leopard' Retreats and what people can expect from them.

May 6, 2015 African Dreamtime Intro Webinar John presents an introductory webinar on the Way of the Leopard, or African Zen. To learn more, sign up for info on John's upcoming webinar series.  

March 1, 2014 Ancestors John explains and discusses the concept of Ancestors and why they are important, honoring the gift of life.

Sept 26, 2013 New York 2013 Promo Video Sangoma John Lockley, a Medicine Man from South Africa is coming to the USA for a tour in October. While he is here he will be conducting several evening and weekend workshops using the traditions of his people, the Xhosa Tribe, the same tribe that Nelson Mandela belongs to.

October 11, 2012 Pt. 1 Xhosa Tribe Sangoma/Shaman Teaching by John Lockley of South Africa Courtesy of the Feather Project. Shot on location at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, Brooklyn, NY, USA

October 11, 2012 Pt. 3 Xhosa Tribe Sangoma/Shaman Teaching by John Lockley of South Africa Courtesy of the Feather Project. Shot on location at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, Brooklyn, NY, USA