Mind Blowing and Heart Opening

Friday evening I had the blessing and honour of attending a ceremony and talk by Xhosa Sangoma John Lockley. This was incredibly beautiful, heart opening and at times, mind blowing as well. He sings, chants, dances, plays the drums, flute, bowl, and is dedicatedly determined to create(and did) a sacred space and give the people with him a glimpse of the Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC) from an African point of view. He does this with a sweetness, kindness, and compassion but... also has the spiritual wisdom of a veteran lineage holder. I felt without a doubt at any time, this is one deeply powerful shaman, but one who would always use his power for healing and the greatest good. I am hoping that he can visit Colorado again very soon. A beautiful and divine ceremonial experience.

Jacqueline Arnold, M.S.L.S.

Advocacy, Information, Research

Colorado, USA.

May 31, 2012