Authentic Shaman

My name is Patricia Turner and I’m the Founder of Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation operating out of California and Colorado in the US. Our mission is the conservation of indigenous cultures, preservation of their territories and the education of the public regarding the rich wisdom that they carry. We hosted John Lockley for a week in May of 2012 and wish to express our gratitude to him for offering such truly powerful and authentic spiritual work from the Xhosa Sangomas of South Africa.
John offered private divinations for our community and we received only positive feedback from the attendees. He also offered a blessing ceremony and talk for an evening at Celebrations Conscious Living Store. Everyone in the audience felt the presence of the ancestors in the room and left deeply fulfilled by the experience. We also offered a weekend medicine workshop and it was a beautiful experience for all who attended. The workshop participants experienced great shifts in their souls and a deeper connection to their ancestors through John’s guidance.
I highly recommend his work to any organization who wishes to host a truly authentic elder from South Africa. In these times when many people are calling themselves shamans, we do a lot of searching for the authentic medicine people of the world. John offers the truly authentic wisdom we seek. It was also a pleasure to have in my home during the times between his ceremonies.