Private Retreat in South Africa

I was fortunate enough to attend to John’s private retreat in South Africa in March, 2016. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was not disappointed.  We began the retreat using cleansing herbs prepared by John that have continued to enhance my dreams nearly three weeks later as I write this.  All of the dreams were great, some really funny. Among the more significant, I remembered the songs of my childhood and received a new African spirit animal.
John’s retreats are both fun and educational.  My favorite part is the music, singing, and dance. Nothing connects me to my true self in such a authentic and joy filled way.
Also, this is not my first retreat with John. Each time I connect more powerfully and intimately with my ancestors. They always show up and seem to appreciate me as much, if not more, than I appreciate them. They tell me I embody their dreams. They have great hopes for me!
Thank you John for another wonderful experience!!

Jeanne Renée


Portland, Oregon, USA