a potent and subtle force of growth, healing and change

This last retreat was the second time I had the honor of working with John Lockley. As the first time, I find the Sangoma medicine to be a potent and subtle force of growth, healing and change.  While it is not always a comfortable experience, I am impressed by John’s leadership and direction around the work.  He has a no nonsense approach that is refreshing and confident.  He shows an acceptance and compassion that holds the space he creates authentically.  Many moments in the weekend were joyful, filled with song and dance that echoed in my DNA from the human experience.  It was powerful to reconnect with those pieces within.  I continue to process the medicine and integrate it into my life and healing practice.  The levels of learning and letting go ripple on.  I am deeply grateful for the community that comes together so willing, calling in the ancestral work that so many of us yearn for.  

Cydney French

Portland, Oregon

Opening the Road retreat in White Salmon, WA