This retreat has opened my eyes

Prior to attending this retreat, I had a very negative attitude about myself, I felt empty and my body felt more like an empty vehicle as though it was just going through the motions. I cared more about material things than connecting to my true self. This retreat has opened my eyes to what really matters in life, how to access your calling by finding who you truly are. John has taught me that in order to find my calling in this world that I must connect to my soul, and the way to gain access to my soul is to give thanks and gratitude to my ancestors of my mother, father, and husband. When I had arrived, I had my doubts and uncertainties of how I will take in these rituals and how my first experience would be in a circle ceremony. This weekend retreat has changed my entire perspective on what is important in my life. My body no longer feels like an empty vehicle, my heart feels cleansed, and I feel a true connection to my soul. I would recommend John's ceremony to ANY human being in this world, it is vitally important to have this connection to our ancestors and to our souls in order to live a mindful life.


Boise, Idaho

Opening the Road retreat in White Salmon, WA