Dream Healer

I had the great fortune to attend John's workshop on working with the Ancestors. To move into the space of giving thanks because I'm here, because I am alive, because my ancestors gave birth to me...helped me drop away my negative stories about my own parents. I am in such appreciation of John's work because I walk through this world differently knowing in my blood and bones of all that was done before me and for me. The dream work has had major impact in my life. Prior to the workshop and personal divination session with John, I have had very few dreams in my life. My brain waves were even checked and I was told that it was not really possible for me to dream because my brain waves don't fall into typical patterns. Since working with John, I have had dreams almost every night and can often remember them. I am dreaming!!!
Thank you John for coming to America and sharing your gifts.

Gail Sinclair, MHt, MNLP, CNC

Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Shamanic Practitioner & Karuna Reiki® Master

October 2013

Portland, USA