Authentic Shaman

My name is Patricia Turner and I’m the Founder of Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation operating out of California and Colorado in the US. Our mission is the conservation of indigenous cultures, preservation of their territories and the education of the public regarding the rich wisdom that they carry. We hosted John Lockley for a week in May of 2012 and wish to express our gratitude to him for offering such truly powerful and authentic spiritual work from the Xhosa Sangomas of South Africa.
John offered private divinations for our community and we received only positive feedback from the attendees. He also offered a blessing ceremony and talk for an evening at Celebrations Conscious Living Store. Everyone in the audience felt the presence of the ancestors in the room and left deeply fulfilled by the experience. We also offered a weekend medicine workshop and it was a beautiful experience for all who attended. The workshop participants experienced great shifts in their souls and a deeper connection to their ancestors through John’s guidance.
I highly recommend his work to any organization who wishes to host a truly authentic elder from South Africa. In these times when many people are calling themselves shamans, we do a lot of searching for the authentic medicine people of the world. John offers the truly authentic wisdom we seek. It was also a pleasure to have in my home during the times between his ceremonies.


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Joyous Celebrations

John Lockley, a traditionally trained Sangoma, brings the rhythms of African shamanism to life. With song, dance and drumming he creates a spirit-filled atmosphere in which to honour our ancestors and exchange blessings between the worlds. If you get a chance to participate with him in his joyous celebrations, don't miss it. I've attended two of John's ceremonies and left each time feeling elated and hopeful that shamanic work can bring healing to the world.

Tom Cowan  (June 2012)

Shamanic practitioner specializing in celtic visionary and healing techniques, on the Board of Directors for the Society of Shamanic practitioners as well as an author of a number of well known books such as Yearning For The Wind: Celtic Reflections on Nature and the Soul.

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Mind Blowing and Heart Opening

Friday evening I had the blessing and honour of attending a ceremony and talk by Xhosa Sangoma John Lockley. This was incredibly beautiful, heart opening and at times, mind blowing as well. He sings, chants, dances, plays the drums, flute, bowl, and is dedicatedly determined to create(and did) a sacred space and give the people with him a glimpse of the Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC) from an African point of view. He does this with a sweetness, kindness, and compassion but... also has the spiritual wisdom of a veteran lineage holder. I felt without a doubt at any time, this is one deeply powerful shaman, but one who would always use his power for healing and the greatest good. I am hoping that he can visit Colorado again very soon. A beautiful and divine ceremonial experience.

Jacqueline Arnold, M.S.L.S.

Advocacy, Information, Research

Colorado, USA.

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Informative and powerful

I participated in John's 'African Zen' retreat at Ixopo Buddhist Retreat Centre in January of 2016. I had previously had one experience visiting a sangoma and had done a bit of reading but looked forward to an experience. The experience facilitated by John was both informative and also powerful. John is clearly called into a life of serving as a cultural bridge as well as being a healer. He shows up to both with a great deal of integrity. As a teacher myself, I appreciated the way in which John handily facilitated a group of widely and wildly varied individuals who each had their own hopes, expectations and intentions. As someone actively seeking healing, I appreciated the authentic, practical and nourishing healing experience of those days. I'm writing these words months after the experience and it continues to 'feed' me.

Jon L. 

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Private Retreat in South Africa

I was fortunate enough to attend to John’s private retreat in South Africa in March, 2016. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was not disappointed.  We began the retreat using cleansing herbs prepared by John that have continued to enhance my dreams nearly three weeks later as I write this.  All of the dreams were great, some really funny. Among the more significant, I remembered the songs of my childhood and received a new African spirit animal.
John’s retreats are both fun and educational.  My favorite part is the music, singing, and dance. Nothing connects me to my true self in such a authentic and joy filled way.
Also, this is not my first retreat with John. Each time I connect more powerfully and intimately with my ancestors. They always show up and seem to appreciate me as much, if not more, than I appreciate them. They tell me I embody their dreams. They have great hopes for me!
Thank you John for another wonderful experience!!

Jeanne Renée


Portland, Oregon, USA

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Musical Medicine Man

Bright...Articulate...Lyrical....Musical...Very serious guy but he did make me really, really laugh too. It was easy to be around him and then he challenged me to do things I don't normally consider. Hard Work. This ain't no Cub Scout Jamboree. I would highly recommend this experience to almost anyone I know. Congratulations John, You allowed me to forget myself and look at things in a new/different way............. I've been feeling pretty light lately.

Patrick L. Bope

Houston, USA

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a potent and subtle force of growth, healing and change

This last retreat was the second time I had the honor of working with John Lockley. As the first time, I find the Sangoma medicine to be a potent and subtle force of growth, healing and change.  While it is not always a comfortable experience, I am impressed by John’s leadership and direction around the work.  He has a no nonsense approach that is refreshing and confident.  He shows an acceptance and compassion that holds the space he creates authentically.  Many moments in the weekend were joyful, filled with song and dance that echoed in my DNA from the human experience.  It was powerful to reconnect with those pieces within.  I continue to process the medicine and integrate it into my life and healing practice.  The levels of learning and letting go ripple on.  I am deeply grateful for the community that comes together so willing, calling in the ancestral work that so many of us yearn for.  

Cydney French

Portland, Oregon

Opening the Road retreat in White Salmon, WA

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My wife and I were struggling

Before attending the retreat my wife and I were struggling. Tensions were high and we were not meeting eye to eye. Upon attending the retreat we have been able to squash the issues that were at hand. The weekend work and teachings have had a profound effect on my life. I was having trouble finding my way jumping around with my meditation practice on what to focus on. Now I have John's teaching to guide me. I've been able to connect with my heart in a way I never have before. I am extremely grateful to have attended the event and received the opportunity to meet John Lockley in the flesh. Thank you doesn't seem enough for the deep gratitude I feel in my heart. If it wasn't for this retreat I don't know where I would be internally or externally. 


Boise, Idaho

Opening the Road Retreat in White Salmon, WA

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This retreat has opened my eyes

Prior to attending this retreat, I had a very negative attitude about myself, I felt empty and my body felt more like an empty vehicle as though it was just going through the motions. I cared more about material things than connecting to my true self. This retreat has opened my eyes to what really matters in life, how to access your calling by finding who you truly are. John has taught me that in order to find my calling in this world that I must connect to my soul, and the way to gain access to my soul is to give thanks and gratitude to my ancestors of my mother, father, and husband. When I had arrived, I had my doubts and uncertainties of how I will take in these rituals and how my first experience would be in a circle ceremony. This weekend retreat has changed my entire perspective on what is important in my life. My body no longer feels like an empty vehicle, my heart feels cleansed, and I feel a true connection to my soul. I would recommend John's ceremony to ANY human being in this world, it is vitally important to have this connection to our ancestors and to our souls in order to live a mindful life.


Boise, Idaho

Opening the Road retreat in White Salmon, WA

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Profound Experience of Awakening

I'm very lucky to have been a part of Sangoma, John Lockley's retreat. Working with John is giving me a profound experience of awakening, the drumming shook my soul/spirit and 'I woke up'. John's medicinal herb foot wash cleansed my soul and my dreams became beautiful again and the nightmares stopped.
I have been very fortunate to experience a number of John's healing retreats and I can say the more you work with him in the circle of life/Unbuntu then the more your heart opens and you begin to become a happier human being - I feel it's the antidepressant that works for the modern world we live in today as it helps you to love & heal the past of old.

Anita, UK

Retreat and webinar participant

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Ancestral Strength

I recently attended a workshop with John who showed us how we can connect to our ancestors. This day totally changed me. I am a professional clairvoyant medium and never knew my grandparents, and both my parents are dead. My work can be very draining and when I work with the police it can be quite harrowing. I was surprised and overwhelmed by the love I was able to link into and have asked for their help every day since. I cannot thank John enough for this amazing strength he has shown is there for me to draw on. I honour you and all your ancestors John. Blessings to you.

Joyce Vernon,

Clairvoyant (August 2011)

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.

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Authentic Healer

I met John Lockley years ago here in Cork and we spent a memorable day together, discussing the meaning of dreams and the importance of a life in touch with both their personal and cultural meaning.John is to my mind one of the most authentic human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as a genuine healer.

Greg White,


Bandon Cork, Ireland

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Plant Cleansing/ Healing

John's Plant Cleansing/Healing is a unique and safe method of bringing all parts of ourselves into balance. Magical things start to happen: we see our path much clearer, feel healthier, happier and in peace with everything and everyone in our lives. Thank you for a beautiful healing!

Agi Dejnek


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Magical Sangoma Work...

I had heard about John Lockley and his amazing work as a Sangoma and teacher. I went to see John in London as I have chronic Asthma. John was incredible. He told me to put my feet in a herb wash. Instantly I felt his amazing power. A voice in my mind told me to stop trying so hard in life and relax and that healing would take place. After the herb wash John told me to say some prayers to give thanks to Great Spirit and my ancestors. His work is incredible. From that day my Asthma has greatly improved and I am looking forward to seeing him again. I cannot recommend John and his work enough. If you want to change your life, go and see John and experience his magical work as a Sangoma.

Kelvin Heard

International Healer and Spiritual Mentor

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Ancient Sangoma Wisdom

It was a pleasure to host John for a talk at Alternatives. He is an authentic, inspiring and engaging speaker and totally dedicated to bringing the ancient Sangoma wisdom to the needs of people today. Our audience was touched by his teachings and stories and they loved the way he encouraged them to connect with their bodies through movement and song.

Richard, Co-Director

Alternatives, St. James Church, London

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Passionate and Sincere about His Calling

I found Mr John Lockley, to be a man of high integrity and experience, who is passionate and sincere about his calling. He conducts himself with an air of authority born of long and hard experience, which one can feel, when one meets him. Underneath this sense of authority is a man who is quick to laugh at himself and with others, intent on teaching those of us in the west the true traditional ways of connecting to our ancestors in a humble, purposeful way.
I left John's workshop, full of a sense of coming home and a feeling of peace and love towards myself and towards those whom make up my bloodline. If you want the real shamanic experience, by a real shaman then go work with John Lockley.

Jan Crate

Organiser of the Sangoma in Shropshire event

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Dream Healer

I had the great fortune to attend John's workshop on working with the Ancestors. To move into the space of giving thanks because I'm here, because I am alive, because my ancestors gave birth to me...helped me drop away my negative stories about my own parents. I am in such appreciation of John's work because I walk through this world differently knowing in my blood and bones of all that was done before me and for me. The dream work has had major impact in my life. Prior to the workshop and personal divination session with John, I have had very few dreams in my life. My brain waves were even checked and I was told that it was not really possible for me to dream because my brain waves don't fall into typical patterns. Since working with John, I have had dreams almost every night and can often remember them. I am dreaming!!!
Thank you John for coming to America and sharing your gifts.

Gail Sinclair, MHt, MNLP, CNC

Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Shamanic Practitioner & Karuna Reiki® Master

October 2013

Portland, USA

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The Real Deal

After one Skype session and the diligent application of his suggested techniques, I felt a tremendous heart opening. The questions I came to him with were answered automatically from within and a sublime sweetness entered my life. John guides you to find the answers within and to heal yourself as he shines a light on the path. He works in a way that is powerfully gentle and deeply compassionate, I would highly recommend getting in touch with him.

Mike  (Nov 2012)

Dallas, TX

IT Industry

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Powerful Plant Healing

I had a powerful healing session with John, which helped to move part of a deeply rooted physical illness. Having worked with many shamans over the years it is clear to me that John is an authentic medicine man who has a strong connection with his spirit guides. He works from a place of integrity and honesty. He was clear with me that it is not his job to “heal” me, but that he can help to open the road for me and enable me to heal myself (the only true healing). I continue to feel the benefit of the session several weeks later. 

Mark F.

Author and astrologer, Devon, England

September 2012

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