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Ottawa wkshop: African Shamanic Plant Ceremony

The Way of the Leopard

African Shamanic Teachings on Ancestry, Instinct & Dreams

The Leopard is revered in Southern Africa as a totem of intuitive intelligence, with the ability to move between worlds, the world of spirit and nature. It is a noble creature with a silent promise of what is possible if we learn to listen with the entirety of our being.

During the Ceremony, John will use guided meditation, prayer, song, dance, drumming, plant medicine (e.g. Pine, White Sage, Rosemary), and intention to help the participants to connect with their inner voice, sharing teachings on “Connecting with our Ancestral Lines” and “Remembering our Dreams”. He will also share experiences from working in the African Bush. This ceremony will help participants to connect with their heartbeat, re-wild them and strengthen their ability to move towards their life calling, their destiny.

John teaches about Ubuntu – Humanity – Connecting people to their Ancestors, their own indigenous roots, re-wilding people, connecting them to their dreams and their soul. John is a dreamer, a healer and a diviner who works with Sacred Ceremony, meditation, song, dance and cleansing herbs to help people to connect more fully to themselves, to find their Life Path, their Soul Calling.

Exchange: $275

$250 Early Bird if paid in full by August 10

TO BOOK: send an e-transfer to

NB: *** You must attend both days - tickets WILL NOT be sold for individual days***

Participants will need to bring a foot basin, towel, snacks and beverages for the event.

$295 2-Day ceremony + Public talk
$270-EARLY BIRD (until August 10) 2-day ceremony + Public talk

For additional Information & Bookings contact:
Miria 613-677-9422 or


PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH JOHN, Divinations & Plant Healings

John will be available September 10th and 11th for private healing sessions.

To make an appointment please contact Miria above.

Meditations with Plants for Healing & Renewal

Meditations with Plants for Healing & Renewal