Beyond 50 Radio

John talks with host Daniel Davis in Portland, OR about his calling process to become a Sangoma, and how white people are not exempt from connecting to their own indigenous spirits. John gets straight to the heart of the matter about being judged by skin color in the spiritual arena. John goes on to describe a basic and practical way to begin connecting with your ancestors.

Cafecito Break

John talks to Rosangel Perez on the Cafecito Break Podcast about being a Sangoma on his 2013 trip to New York. Link to Cafecito Break.

Saturday Live, BBC

John appeared on BBC Radio 4, Saturday Live Show on Sept. 5, 2009. Radio 4's Saturday morning show brings extraordinary stories and remarkable people. John spoke about his journey in becoming one of the first white men in recent history in South Africa to become a Xhosa Sangoma/ medicine man. 

Outlook, BBC

John appeared on the BBC World Service, Outlook Radio. He spoke about the use of Sangomas at the soccer world in South Africa. Link to BBC Outlook website with the episode here.

Mindfulness in Africa

Listen to John discuss the meaning and story of dynamic mindfulness in this audio teaching segment.

Moncrieff Newstalk

17th May 2010. John appeared as a guest on Ireland's Moncrieff Newstalk radio. John spoke about the soccer world cup hosted in South Africa. He spoke about the use of Sangoma medicine by players to boost performance.

SAfM Radio

John appeared on South Africa's SAfm radio where he speaks about his journey breaking racial stereotypes in becoming a Sangoma, South African traditional healer.


Archaic Drum podcast with James Benton.  Interview 2 | Interview 2 Two interviews with James Benton on the Archaic Drum podcast. John talks about his journey to become a Sangoma and the importance of his life work.