Mindfulness Webinars from Africa

Mindfulness Webinars from Africa

Mindfulness Webinars from Africa


The Way of the Leopard Teachings 

Connect with your heart and empower your spirit

Three Webinars to clarify your life path and deepen your intuition.  As a sample listen to this complementary podcast on Radical Listening.

Pricing:  One Webinar $30 USD  Scroll Down for Payment OR All Three Webinars $75 USD.

Register for Three Webinars $75 USD

This is a unique opportunity to work with a 20-year Sangoma veteran trained in both the mystical African arts of divination, herbal medicine and dreaming, as well as contemporary Psychology, Buddhism and Yoga.  John trained with Zen Masters from the young age of 19 in South Korea; and, following his Sangoma calling, proceeded to train, apprentice and mentor with some of Southern Africa’s top Sangomas and traditional healers. 

The Webinars are 1-hour, live events that occur on the dates below starting at noon EST.  When you purchase a webinar you will receive a link so you can watch it at any time.  Private, one-hour Skype Sessions are arranged the day following the Webinars and are offered at a special price of $90 USD if you attend a webinarDetails and registration for the Webinars and Skype Sessions are below!

* During the Webinar series John will teach the ancient indigenous art of spirit tracking. First, we learn to track our own spirit... and then the world around us.  John teaches these valuable tools, but it is up to the student to practice the techniques.

* Each webinar gives participants an opportunity to ask questions and interact with John.

Heart-Beat Meditation Training (Saturday, January 28th, NOON EST)

Heart-Beat Meditation $30

Learn the ancient art of pulse breathing by attuning yourself to your heartbeat. All life vibrates to the timeless rhythm of the heartbeat. Once we can connect more deeply to our own beating hearts, we can connect more fully to the world around us. A key practice here is feeling your own heartbeat. If you cannot, this is an indication of being out of rhythm with yourself.

 Our heart is the doorway to the spirit world. Our first task as human beings is to befriend our own hearts and connect with who we are, our innermost being, our soul. John will lead a guided meditation to help people connect with their hearts and their inner voice. All that is required is the ability to listen to the quietness within, without judgement or expectations.

Connecting with your Ancestors (Bones) (Saturday, February 4th, NOON EST)

Connecting with Your Ancestors $30

In order for us to know where we are going as human beings we need to know where we have come from. Each person is born with two lineages, matriarchal and patriarchal. An oak tree grows tall through connecting with its roots. In order for us to reach the height of our spiritual potential we need to develop a relationship with our ancestors. John will teach a simple ancestral practice that people can use in their daily life.

 Exploring Dreamtime (Saturday, February 25th, NOON EST)

Exploring the Dreamtime $30

 The language of dreaming is the language of the soul. In Zen, it is said that life is a dream and we need to wake up from the dream. The oldest indigenous people in the world, the Khoi-san bushmen from the Kalahari maintain that life is a dream being dreamt by the great dreamer.  In order for us to connect more deeply with our life path we need to learn to become like hunters and track our spirit in our dreams. As we become more adept at this then we can learn to navigate our waking lives with more discernment resulting in more happiness.   John will teach people how to track their dreams.  He will highlight the 3 different levels of dreaming and how we can learn to unlock the hidden messages of our dreams.

 Individual Skype Clinics (Timing per Appointment) 

Private Skype Session with John $90

Available Dates: Sunday January 29th, Sunday February 5th and Sunday February 26th.

Please state a desired time when you register so we can keep track of available times.  Note that John is on the time zone in South Africa!  Participants have an opportunity after each Webinar on Sunday to further their spiritual practice with one to one skype sessions with John. A discounted rate of $90 will be offered to all Webinar participants.  Please book in advance as these session fill up quickly!

John provides profound teachings for your life and development in a Private Session.

John provides profound teachings for your life and development in a Private Session.