Skype sessions

Would you like to step more fully onto your spiritual path and better understand the power of your dreams? Through John's experience and training in the indigenous culture as a Xhosa Sangoma, he helps to empower his clients as a guide in the dream world. Skype sessions with John may help you by:

  • Bringing more clarity to your dreaming

  • Training your mind to better understand your dreams

  • Enriching your sense of the dream world

  • And, in effect, help life to be more magical!

Divination or Sangoma Counseling represents a different way of 'seeing'. It is more indigenous with a focus on dreams, nature, synchronicity etc. Sangomas are often educators and teach people about the hidden, mystical, spiritual worlds. However spiritual growth takes time, practice and patience. John teaches people how they can unlock the door to their own spiritual abundance, however the client has to turn the key. 

It is the responsibility of the client to follow through with the various prayers or treatments that John recommends. John does not do any form of counseling over email. If you would like to ask John a personal or spiritual question, please schedule a session with him.

3 or 7 Sessions Mentorship package

This involves a process where John guides people to connecting with their spirit, ancestors & dreams in a traditional sangoma way. This is a unique offering and is the first time he is doing it. John’s mission is to ‘re-wild’ people, to help connect them to their spirit, their humanity. 

  • The focus of the mentoring session is to help people reconnect to their spirits (soul & ancestors). This is a big job and requires focus and commitment. Everyone works at different rates, so the mentoring is about working with the client as an individual and guiding them to the place of soulfulness, spirit and intuitive awareness, where inner strength and fortitude reside.

In South Africa sangomas help people find their life purpose through helping them connect with their spirit (no 1)  and (No 2) spirits (Ancestors & Nature spirits).  John does this through a combination of counseling, prayer, chanting, plant medicine, heart-beat meditation training and dream work.  John’s 7 step mentorship practice will incorporate all of this.

The 3 session mentorship package will focus on helping clients to develop inner stillness through heart-beat meditation, and connecting more with their ancestors and dreams.

In the 7 session mentorship package plant medicine (non-hallucinogenic) will be incorporated. John will give clients a prescription of plants that they can obtain from their local herbalist and then explain how to prepare the plant mixture. The idea behind this is to use the plant medicine as a dream tonic and elixir to stimulate more visionary, intuitive dreams.

John works as a traditional shaman/sangoma using dreams as a pathway to spiritual transformation. He tracks client’s dreams like markings in the desert, highlighting where the spirit of the client is pointing, and helping them to recognize this quiet voice within them. He was trained and apprenticed by master dream trackers, his Xhosa elders, who in turn learnt from their elders going back in time.  The sangoma culture is one of the oldest shamanic cultures in the world today with an unbroken lineage.

John sings and chants in isiXhosa during his sessions to help people to remember who they are and to connect more deeply to their ancestors. Herein lies his unique talent, as a traditional dream tracker or alchemist in the modern world.

The sessions will focus on helping clients to develop a meditation practice which emphasizes listening to their ‘inner voice’. Part of this practice will involve  ‘heartbeat’ meditation training and feeling the pulse of life. The heart is the gateway to the metaphysical world and the engine behind the human soul. Once the heart is active and vibrant in a spiritual way then the business of connecting to one’s ancestors and nature spirits can begin.

NB: You will receive guided meditation recordings which you can listen to after each session to help develop your practice. (These will be recorded via zoom).


From time immemorial Sangoma medicine people have been paid for their services whether that is in the form of animals like goats, chickens, cows or goods like tobacco. It is widely believed that if people don't pay or exchange something for their healing then they won't get better.

1 Session = $151 / £115 / R700
3 Sessions = $421 / £320 / R1951
7 Sessions = $910 / £692 / R4218

John does offer a concessionary rate. If lack of funds is stopping you, then a $80 concessionary rate (for a 1 hour session) is available upon request. This is only available for follow up sessions. 

Step 1: Schedule

John will do his best to schedule according to your needs. As he travels a good deal of the year, his own availability for Skype sessions varies. Please email to schedule a skype session.

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Step 2: Payment

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