John Lockley is a fully initiated sangoma (healer and shaman) in the Xhosa lineage of South Africa, having spent 10 years in apprenticeship with the tribe that gave us Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. His remarkable journey through the constraints of Apartheid is a testament to the human spirit, and to the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

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Books & Teachings

Leopard Warrior

In traditional African healing circles, the leopard represents intuition, instinct, and harmony with nature and the spirit world. As John Lockley writes, “A leopard warrior is a spiritual soldier who mirrors the natural world and directs their gaze inward to answer the call of their spirit.” With Leopard Warrior, he brings us an inspiring call to action—showing how we can bridge the barriers that divide us, embrace the gifts of our ancestors, and reclaim our rightful place as compassionate caretakers of our world.


The Way of the Leopard

The Way of the Leopard is an audio collection of John’s core spiritual teachings, created to help you awaken to your own Ubuntu, or shared humanity. You’ll learn to activate the untapped power of your physical senses and intuition; discover how to honor your ancestors and draw upon their guidance; engage with your dreams as a spiritual practice; connect to nature through animal and plant medicine; and dance and shake your way to greater vitality, health, and aliveness.

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Ways to Work with John


One on One

John offers Mentoring, Divinations and Plant Healing. Some sessions are available by Skype, and others are in-person only. 


Group Coaching

John offers unique Way of the Leopard teachings through monthly group Skype calls. Learn more about Group Coaching.



Connect with John in person at an event, or join him for a spiritual retreat. See the full list of events and ceremonies.


Latest News & Press


The healing of the West may be the job of the very cultures it looks down upon. Can Africa’s material poverty meet Western spiritual bareness to bring balance in the world? We must dream the impossible, seek the beauty of sharing wisdom through the cracks of our longing, and usher into reality the possibility of a world village glued together by a concert of wisdom. John is an artisan of this and more. His work deserves respect and reverence.

—Malidoma Somé, Burkina Faso Medicine Elder & Of Water and the Spirit author

John Lockley, a traditionally trained Sangoma, brings the rhythms of African shamanism to life. With song, dance and drumming he creates a spirit-filled atmosphere in which to honour our ancestors and exchange blessings between the worlds. If you get a chance to participate with him in his joyous celebrations, don't miss it. I've attended two of John's ceremonies and left each time feeling elated and hopeful that shamanic work can bring healing to the world.

—Tom Cowan, Author & Board of Directors for the Society of Shamanic Practice

I highly recommend his work to any organization who wishes to host a truly authentic elder from South Africa. In these times when many people are calling themselves shamans, we do a lot of searching for the authentic medicine people of the world. John offers the truly authentic wisdom we seek.

—Patricia, Sacred Earth Foundation