Ubuntu Fund

Helping to preserve traditional Xhosa Sangoma Medicine for future Generations

Thanksgiving ceremony 21-23 Jan 2011 102
Thanksgiving ceremony 21-23 Jan 2011 102

Ubuntu means humanity and in traditional Xhosa culture a person continually realises their humanity or Ubuntu through the way they treat one another. The Xhosa culture is one of the oldest traditional or Shamanic cultures in the world today. John’s mission is to strengthen traditional Sangoma culture and practice and remember and honour the Xhosa Ancestors who have kept the ‘old ways’ alive for hundreds of years. He does this by holding traditional ceremonies every year when he returns to his original community and works alongside his teacher Mum Gwevu and fellow Sangomas (see photograph above). John works in the townships of the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

Townships are poor informal settlement areas like ‘ghettos’ with high levels of disease, death and unemployment. In the last few years John has lost some of his closest Sangoma friends in his inner circle to disease, poverty and tragedy. John’s teacher and elders have encouraged him for many years to follow his dreams in bringing sacred Xhosa teachings overseas. In the Spirit of Ubuntu John is asking for donations to go towards his township work.

This year, thanks to his ‘Ubuntu Fund’ he was able to rebuild his teacher’s consulting rooms and in so doing benefit his teacher, fellow Sangomas and local community.

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