The Way of the Leopard talk in Kerry, Ireland

John will give a public talk on the 'Way of the Leopard', Connect with your Soul and Connect with Nature

The Leopard is one of the main totem animals amongst traditional healers in Southern Africa. Through connecting with all its senses it demonstrates a profound harmony with itself and the natural world. It inspires healers everywhere to connect with their 7 senses, in order to bring harmony and peace to the world.

John will talk about the importance of connecting with your own spirit through the power of dreams, heart-beat meditation and dancing. Our personal pain and suffering will be discussed as a vehicle or portal through which we can realise our humanity, innate gifts and connection to the natural world. 

To move like the Leopard, we need to learn to dance in an ancient, primal way. This is a key part to any traditional medicine system. The talk will be an interactive event with participants shown how to sing and dance in a simple & profound way to activate their ‘umbilini’ (kundalini) and open their senses.

People will have a chance to ask questions.

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